Nourish with Kathy Blumentritt, LMFT

Mindful practice in how we relate with food.


Groups forming include:
Teen girls and boys (separate)
College girls
Weight or body image focused for women
Clinical healing for women & men (separate)

*Groups will meet twice a month: some insurance will cover cost. Cash/check accepted for those without insurance. November to April.

We are inviting people for group work and Mindfulness practice with eating and drinking. Please email Or, tell your counselor to add your email on to our lists.

*Improve your relationship with food/drink
*Improve self awareness
*Strengthen your ability to be present in what you are eating
*Increase your immunity
*Heal parts of your negative thoughts when eating

*Decrease Judgmentsand negative talk while eating/drinking
*Improve your relationship with your body and mind
*Discover how family impacts your relationship with food
*Discover compassionate eating within