What is Mindfulness? It is a practice that can strengthen the mind.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the now, this moment. It gives us observable space between our soul and anything flowing through the mind and body, in which can alleviate suffering. Mindfulness gives us the ability to observe the mind and body in a non-judgmental and caring way so a person does not identify with their suffering. We strengthen the mind to endure and create space between our true self and our experience.

For those who are spiritual, we can intertwine this practice with prayer or scripture. Kathy Blumentritt has been practicing for over 10 years in both professional and spiritual settings.

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Increase in focus
  • Increase in self-awareness
  • Increase in calm living
  • Increase in attuned relationships
  • Increase in body regulation
  • Lower anxiety
  • Increase in pause before responding
  • Decrease in fearful living
  • Increase in empathy


91-94% of our lives are lived through our unconscious, meaning that we are on autopilot living with what is passed down to us and in our experiences that live in us.


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2,500 years ago, Mindfulness was used to alleviate suffering.