Massage Therapy

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Signature Massage

30 min = $45 / 60 min = $75
An individualized massage to attend to your specific body needs; helps relieve muscle tension and stress, reduces pain and promotes relaxation.

Prenatal Massage (must be at least 27 weeks; 3rd trimester)

30 min = $50 / 60 min = $75
Designed to nurture both mother and baby, a prenatal massage decreases swelling, relieves aches and eases physical and emotional stressors due to pregnancy.

Relaxation Massage

30 min = $50 / 60 min = $75
A gentle full-body massage that leaves you feeling more calm and centered from daily life stressors.

Migraine/Headache Relief Massage

45 min = $60
Releases muscle tension in upper back, shoulders, and neck to regain balance.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min = $60 / 60 min = $90
A deeper pressure massage that relieves tight or painful muscles and returns body to a more balanced state.

Hot Stone~Swedish Massage

60 min = $85
Hot stones placed along the spine to more quickly and deeply relax muscles combined with traditional Swedish massage techniques. This combination promotes circulation in your muscles and relaxation from daily tension.

Each massage includes the use of hot towels for a deep relaxation experience!
Add essential oil to hot towel for only $5!

A Message from Laurie

“My absolute favorite massage to do is a cross between the Signature and Relaxation Massage because I like the ability to focus on specific issues the client is experiencing along with providing a firm (not deep) pressure to decrease the effects of life’s daily stressors. I discovered that my talent for massage, and how much I care about others actually make a good combination. Massage therapy is not about seeing how many people I can get on and off my table each day. It is about how I can help each person that entrusts me with their care feel better, be healthier and happier. If they are happier and healthier… Life is Awesome.”  

Laurie Owens, Certified Massage Therapist