kathy blumentritt

Kathy Blumentritt, MA, LMFT
Director of The Front Porch

phone: 574-318-1132
email: kathy@thefrontporchcounselors.com

We make more sense than we know…only if we take time to listen. I believe we know what we need most of the time, and find limitless ways of getting it. Most of the time unconsciously, and some of the time getting it in ways that are difficult to see and understand.

Currently, I use relationship and Mindfulness to work with all of my clients. I believe most people experience depression, anxiety, loss, and difficult transitions in life. Due to our fast pace culture, it can be difficult to explore and listen to our inner world that directs our outer world. We can often times want change in our lives but not have time to listen to what is happening inside. In my experience, changing the unconscious-driven life happens when we go within and even better with non-judgmental support who can listen. Often times, when asked what I do for a living…I say, “Listen, and swim slowly while diving deep.” I like searching for the answer in what makes sense in what is happening.

Often times, shame or judgement prevent us from understanding and moving forward. Each life has a unique book to write, and every chapter has lessons learned and people loved and lost. No matter what chapter I meet people in, I find joy in journey as they realize their own potential and power to make change.

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