Alyssa Driver, LCSW

phone: 517-410-6093

Alyssa is a licensed clinical social worker and a 500-hour registered yoga instructor. She trained with the Trauma institute of Boston in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She worked with adolescents for 10 years and has an understanding of the difficulties teens face today such as depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and sexual identity issues. She has knowledge of the dynamics of domestic abuse and addiction as well as the grief process, the impact of traumatic stress on individuals and those who love them. 

Alyssa seeks to provide a safe space for individuals to explore and gain insight into patterns and perceptions that contribute to personal and interpersonal difficulties. She believes in a holistic approach to health, using talk therapy, breath work, mindfulness and trauma sensitive yoga to assist others on their journey of personal growth. She believes in the strength of the human spirit to transcend adverse conditions and gain the strength and wisdom within these experiences.

She uses her personal qualities of open-mindedness, compassion, intuition and, at times, humor. She seeks to provide a safe space and a healthy therapeutic relationship to assist clients in finding moments of peace and happiness in a chaotic world.

Alyssa works mainly with adults and adolescents, and has a special interest in women’s issues, trauma, and sexual and gender identity.  She provides sessions that can include talk therapy, yoga, trauma sensitive yoga or a combination.

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