Our Services

The Front Porch Offers a variety of services to support you in your wellness journey. Our holistic approach integrates talk therapy, mindfulness, meditation, sand tray therapy, massage, reiki healing and more to support healing and safe connection for all who seek it.


Counseling here at The Front Porch is unique, integrating mindfulness, healing touch, and good listening. We value listening well because we believe that once they’re alongside a caring and thoughtful companion, our clients know how to heal what is causing their suffering. 

We can add flexible alternate pathways in a person’s life, or support in an overwhelming circumstance. Medicine cannot replace what makes us human; we need another person who is genuinely interested in our well-being when we are suffering or going through a transition.

We help our clients to understand that what they may call “wrong” may actually be a door into a deeper transformation of what is right or what is possible. We do not quit; we believe there is hope in all cirsumstances.


Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the now: this moment. It gives us observable space between our soul and anything flowing through the mind and body, in which suffering can be alleviated.

Mindfulness gives us the ability to observe the mind and body in a nonjudgmental and caring way so a person does not identify with their suffering. We strengthen the mind to endure and create space between our true self and our experience.

For those what are spiritual, we can intertwine this practice with prayer or scripture. Kathy Blumentritt has been practicing for over ten years, in both professional and spiritual settings.

Please direct questions about mindfulness practices to mindfulness@frontporchcounselors.com.

Benefits of Mindfulness:

• Increase in focus
• Increase in self-awareness
• Increase in calm living
• Increase in attuned relationships
• Increase in body regulation
• Lower anxiety
• Increase in pause before responding
• Decrease in fearful living
• Increase in empathy

Mindfulness Resources:

“Mindful Practices for Everyday” is the debut album from The Front Porch director, Kathy Blumentritt, LMFT. Done in her soft, soothing tone, these practices include something for everyone, including both children and adults. These practices can calm anxiety, reduce muscle tensions, increase awareness, and add joy to your daily life.

Mindfulness Workshops:

There are currently no upcoming mindfulness workshops scheduled. Please check back later.

Email mindfulness@thefrontporchcounselors.com to schedule a group session with your staff, small group, study group, dormitory, or any other group.

Healing Touch

Reiki is a Japanese method of stress reduction, balancing our natural bioelectric magnetic fields by accessing spiritually-guided life energy to foster healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner Joy Lankford-McNamee joins us with her practice to enhance the mindfulness relationship therapy here at The Front Porch.

Joy uses the powerful tools of openness and higher vibrations in creating a healing space. Joy is available to work with each therapist to uniquely supplement your healing plan. 

Maybe you suffer from physical pain, emotional scars, fear, loss… the body holds all… allow her to share her connectedness. Rebalance and clear your body with energy healing.

Contact Joy directly to schedule a Reiki healing appointment:
574-302-2488 (call or text)

Our Team

Kathy Blumentritt, MA, LMFT

Director of The Front Porch

Each life has a unique book to write, and every chapter has lessons learned and people loved and lost. No matter what chapter she meets people in, Kathy finds joy in journey as they realize their own potential and power to make change.

phone: 574-318-1132
email: kathy@thefrontporchcounselors.com

Jenna Duell, MA, LMHC

Assistant Director of The Front Porch

With a holistic approach, Jenna believes that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves through a growing self awareness. Committed to learning, she firmly believes there are infinite possibilities for growth and healing for everyone.

phone: 574-606-9628
email: jenna@thefrontporchcounselors.com

Amy Leonard

Director of Operations

phone: 574-323-6549
email: amy@thefrontporchcounselors.com

Jennifer Garcilazo*


Interests in child, adolescent, and family therapy. Specializations in behavioral therapy, child development, play therapy, crisis intervention, and mindfulness.

phone: 574-261-0215

Kelsea Taylor Miner, LMHC(A) NCC MSEd.*


Kelsea believes in the power of relationships and connection. She enjoys being with her clients exactly where they are in each moment, while also providing guidance through their own world.

phone: 574-386-2605
email: kelsea@thefrontporchcounselors.com

Whitney Hancock, LMHCA, NCC*


Whitney uses a dynamic, interpersonal approach to walk alongside her clients and uncover what lies beneath life’s struggles. She works with teenagers, families, and adults.

phone: 254-315-4400
email: whitney@thefrontporchcounselors.com

Joy Lankford-McNamee

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
Usui/Holy Fire® III

Joy joins us with her Master Reiki practice to help enhance the mindfulness relationship therapy at The Front Porch. Contact Joy directly to schedule a Reiki healing appointment.

phone: 574-302-2488 (call or text)

*On path to licensure: These therapists have been chosen to work at The Front Porch due to their strengths in relationships, pursuit of learning, and openness to all who want healing. They are working toward hours for the licensure and they all have a Master’s degree in Counseling. These therapists are supervised by Kathy Blumentritt, LMFT, and this group works as a team to integrate strengths and personal interests.


The Back Porch Boutique

Stop in at The Back Porch Boutique to shop our curated collection of products to add healing and comfort to your journey with us; from essential oils, organic skin products, and CBD Oil (100% THC-free CBD isolate) to cozy apparel and hot/cold therapy products.

The Back Porch Boutique is located off of The Front Porch waiting room. Purchases can be made via your counselor.

Counseling Fees

We want you to have an easy time beginning any of our services here at The Front Porch. We will do our best to support you in understanding your financial expectations and insurance coverage for your health and wellness. 
For those wishing to forego filing through insurance, we do accept cash payment for services, based on client income.

Please check the insurance providers listed to see if we are providers with your insurance company. We suggest you call your insurance as well to verify patient responsibility in any deductible or co-pays that you may be charged for services.

If your insurance isn’t listed, we can give you an invoice so that you can file a claim with your insurance company. We also accept cash payment for services, based on client income.

Licensed Therapists:
• Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
Community Health Alliance
Physicians Health Plan (PHP)

Unlicensed, Supervised Therapists:
Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Contact Us

The Front Porch is located on Lincolnway Avenue in Mishawaka, near the well-known 100 Center.

Parking is available behind our building.

515 Lincolnway West
Mishawaka, IN 46544

Please contact Director of Operations Amy Leonard at amy@thefrontporchcounselors.com with any questions or concerns.